You have been a student in Russia if….

1. You take your shoes off every single time you get into some ones house even if you don’t have to
2. You know at least three Dima Bilan’s song, even though you say you don’t like him
3. In fact you kinda cry when he won Eurovision 2007
4. Viagra is not just a medicine, it is also a music group that has the exact same effect
5. You know that Russia IS NOT Europe
6. You know that matryoshka is not only a tipic toy, but the reality of the Russian woman past her 50s
7. You know 50 Sashas, Sergeys, Olias, Lenas and Katias
8. You found out that the Russians won World War 2 and the Americans just showed up at the end
9. You lived in the общежитие
10. You used to hide the bottles of beer and vodka from the вахтершка
11. If the вахтершка finds out you just pay her for the комендант not to find out
12. If somehow the комендант foud out and enters your room the exact moment when you are having a toast with your friends, you just offer him a drink
13. He actually accepts the drink
14. The most horrible times of your life have to do with the сессия
15. You took care of your зачетка more than your passport
16. You know what a Зачет and an Экзамен is, and that the difference between them is that one is more expensive than the other
17. You loose the tension drinking vodka
18. You drank vodka when you were sad
19. You drank vodka when you were happy
20. You drank vodka because there was nothing better to do
21. You made a toast before every drink and sometimes you even tell jokes
22. You heard Russian jokes, you get to understand Russian jokes, you get to honestly laugh with them, you learn to tell them and people really enjoy it
23. Beer was and appetizer to vodka
24. You drank the beer hot and with Рыбка (smoke fish)
25. At least one time you sat in a public place to drink vodka in an under zero day and by your own will
26. You start to drink with strangers and they became your lifelong pals
27. Пельмени was your favorite meal because it cooks in 10 minutes
28. You put сметана to everything
29. Борщ is the most delicious soup there is and you cannot picture your life without it!
30. You drank Чай in winter and Квас in summer
31. When you feel cigarette smell you remember Russia for some reason
32. You use the word Прикин anytime you wanted to add emotion to a conversation
33. You think Putin is the best president ever
34. You hate cats!
35. You found out about what happen in world war 2, in the soviet union, after the soviet union, about Putins former job as a spy in Germany not from your history teacher but from the old lady sitting next to you in the bus that for some reason started asking you the time and end up with a whole life biography with real history events
36. You have argued more than one time with a бабушка that doesn’t respect the line in the bank
37. You no longer ask for ice for your drink, and don’t even think about looking in the store
38. You know more bad words in Russian than in your language, because simply there is more bad words in Russian than in your language
39. You are always worried about the weather
40. You are surprised that there are no 24 hour shops in your country
41. People scream at you in the street and you have no reaction what so ever, in fact you start to scream too, not because your angry, is simply the way we speak in Russia
42. …you hate Russia, you wait eagerly the moment to return to your country, but once you are in your country you found that you actually miss Russia, in some tiny little hidden place of your heart, really inside you LOVE Russia. You can’t live with her, you can’t live without her. Without notice it she’s already part of you, and you will always have a special place in your heart for her, Великая Россия, a Russia that is not ours but we love her as she was, we can call it ours наша, наша Russia!


Sumber : lupa ambil dari mana! -_-‘


11 respons untuk ‘You have been a student in Russia if….

  1. Ohhhh.. namanya cewek abis soalnya..

    Tapi emang cowok tulen deng. (liat di Mbah Gugel)
    Yg dibayangan aku mah, Dima Bilan tuh udah kolot 40 taunan, pendek + rada gndut.. (gataunya salah) heheh

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